Die Jugend

torsdag 24 februari 2011

24/2 The Great International EBM-day.

Today is the day that we all true EBM:ers love.
Its our day and its our day to show that the EBM-music is global and bigger then ever!
Lets celebrate it with a Pouppée Fabrikk song performed at last years Bodyfest in Stockholm.


/Die Jugend

tisdag 11 januari 2011

Lets turn Arvikafestivalen in to an EBM-Festival!

Arvikafestivalen were back in the old days a great industrialfestival with alot of EBM-bands. In 2010 they declared war on the industrialscene in Sweden. They booked crappy and boring mainstream bands.
In 2011 it may be a industrialfestival again and maybe a great EBM-festival.

So people lets go and vote on EBM-bands, dont whine about that the text is in swedish, use a online translator.

Click the link below to use your vote.

Go and vote on a EBM-band

Tanz und EBM UNITED.
/Die Jugend

onsdag 5 januari 2011

What will this year bring us?

2010 was a great year for the Swedish EBM-Scene.
We got a 100% EBM-festival called Bodyfest.
Will we se this festival in 2011?, it looks like that right now.
In 2010 the new founded label Fist Fight Records released the great CD called Swedish EBM - The Collection.

If it wasnt for people with 100% dedication for the EBM-Scene all this would never have happend.

So what will 2011 bring us in the SWEDISH-EBMSCENE?

We are all awaiting the release from the gigants POUPPÉE FABRIKK.

Rumour says that Spetsnaz are on the move and that they will have a new release out .

According to T.W.A.T is signed to the Belgian label Machineries Of Joy, the band will release theire record "Blood, Sweat & Teargas" in spring 2011.

Rumour says that Batch ID also are on the move and that they will have a new release out this year.

SPARK! will have a release out during 2011.

Will we also see some releases from Kropp, Container 90, No sleep by the machine, Stockholm Wrecking Crew, Astma and others?

I am sure this new year will bring us alot of great albums & performances.

Together we are strong, EBM UNITED!
/Die Jugend

lördag 6 november 2010

Last minute call for Club Bodytåget @ sugerbar 6/11.

This is a last minute call to all of you stompers out there.
This saturday Twat & Turnbull AC´s will perform @ Sugerbar in Stockholm.
Bring your partymood and your boots for a great EBM-saturday.

Club Bodytåget


måndag 25 oktober 2010

Bodyfest 2010, Familientreffen in Swedish version.

Pouppée Fabrikk, the godfathers in Swedish EBM is back on track as you can see if you watch the movie behind. I think that i speak for a lot of stompers out there, we want the new album asap.

Spark! is a band on a strong march forward, both with theire "new sound" and signing to the Swedish label Progress Production.
It will be interesting to follow these guys future progress, a strong guess is that we will see a new release during 2011.

Autodafeh is a band that has been on the move for a few years, they have been very productive and they have been supportband for Front 242. In my book they have borrowed the Front sound. But this song No names is simple very good, the Bush sample and the sound brings you out on the dancefloor with a beer in your hand.

No Sleep by the Machine
is one of the newer acts in the Swedish scene. I must say that it doesnt look and sound like that. They have a sound which brings you back in Belgium in the good old days. I think that the band has a bright and promising future in the EBM-scene. You must order theire new LP release,and do it soon, its limited.

Stockholm Wrecking Crew is a band from Stockholm. They are young and angry and on the move. They have theire inspiration in Punk/EBM.
As you can see in this video,
No Sleep by the Machine
joined them on stage on drums.

onsdag 20 oktober 2010

The Ultimate Swedish EBM Sampler

The new Swedish label Fist Fight Records has now released the ultimate Swedish EBM-sampler.

As i told you the last time the sampler contains 14 tracks from the elite in Swedish EBM and some up-and-comers.

As you can see on the picture below bands such as Spetsnaz, Autodafeh, Container 90 and Dupont is on the sampler. My conclusion is that this sampler will be sold out soon, you should order your copy asap. This is the sampler that really shows how strong the Swedish EBM-scene is right now.

Swedish EBM - The Collection

Get your copy today at the labels myspacepage:

Fist Fight Records

söndag 10 oktober 2010

Swedish EBM - The Collection

The new Swedish label Fist Fight Records is announcing that they will release a sampler. The sampler contains 14 tracks from the elite in Swedish EBM and some up-and-comers.

Some info on the labels myspacepage:

Fist Fight Records

Check out the picture below for info regarding band and tracks.

Swedish EBM - The Collection

I will get back later regarding this with more info.